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#1: Daily Blogging

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A while ago I listened to the podcast episode of Tim Ferriss with Seth Godin. At 29:20 Tim asks

How did you decide daily blog vs. a longer blogpost once a week… ?

Seths answer was

The daily blog evolved and its one of the top 5 career decisions I’ve ever made… … I don’t need anyones permission, I don’t need to go out and promote it, I don’t use any analytics, I don’t have comments. It’s just: This is what I noticed today and I thought I’ll share it with you …

I thought directly

Hey, you wanted to start writing some new blog posts anyways. Why not try to daily blog instead of longer posts once a week or once a month or once a year, just as an experiment without any expectations?

The next thoughts were

What do I need to prepare to start daily blogging? I need to setup a mail subscription, I need to add share buttons to the post pages, I need to add this and that, …

Also I thought

I just wait until new year 2020 to use it as new years resolution, to prepare all my preconditions without any stress.

And here we are. This is actually the first daily blogpost and it’s not 2020 yet 😃. I just decided to start with it today, because to be honest I don’t believe in new years resolutions. It was just a thought to make me procrastinate to start.

My current rules are (These might change over time):

  • Post every day
  • Images are optional
  • The topic could be about anything
  • Crossblog the post via Medium
  • Add an oppurtunity to subscribe and receive posts via mail
  • Share posts via Twitter
  • Just observe, read, don’t interact, just write. That means no replies to any mails, to any tweets or any comments regarding the blog
  • Apply helpful feedback
  • No long posts. That means ~3 min reading time or shorter

Also I want to encourage you to start something where you are not sure about it wether you should do it or not. Life is just too short to be scared and not take risks. Ask yourself if you want to be the person who says

I wish I did that.


I messed up, but at least I tried.