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#106: Wim Hof Method with Cold Showers #2

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I just realized that around 60 days passed since I started doing cold showers. See the post #72: Wim Hof Method with Cold Showers, also there I listed notes about my first 30 days experiences. One of the reasons I started it at all is that I don’t want to get sick again. Being sick sucks, you can’t enjoy things. Just think about it

What would you do if you know that you could do something to never get sick again?

So here are my experiences of the second 30 days:

  • I didn’t feel anything related to getting sick during this timeframe, no headaches, no weakness, nothing. I never felt healthier and stronger in my life compared to the time right now. But could be also related to a lot of other stuff I do right now. See for example #100: NAD+ Booster or #91: How To Make Broccoli Sprouts
  • It’s still everyday a challenge to do the cold showers, but afterwards the feeling I get is just awesome. It just gives motivation for the rest of the day
  • I stopped doing the Wim Hof breathing exercises because of time reasons, instead I just start directly with the cold showers.
  • The cold showers are part of the morning routine and if I do hot showers or taking a hot bath on other times I really appreciate these