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#107: Athletic Greens

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Maybe you’ve heard about green superfood powders like Athletic Greens. I tried it last year for around 6 months as an all-in-one supplement additional to a simple morning smoothie (At this time I hadn’t figured out the composition of the current state of my Morning Smoothie And Supplements). At the beginning I felt a boost regarding my energy and especially when I travelled this helped me to get the energy I needed for the day outside of my morning routine. I just stopped using it around the end of last year to start experimenting more with additional fruits/vegetables and targeted supplements/vitamins, see the current result here Morning Smoothie And Supplements. So since I figured out the current state of my morning smoothie and supplements I’m not looking back to Athletic Greens for daily intake. But I will definitely use it and can recommend it when travelling around and fresh fruits/vegetables are not available or it’s just inconvient to bring all the supplements/vitamins with you.