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#123: Why Do People Have Dogs?

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I don’t know why but in the recent time when I see people with dogs I always ask myself

for what do these people have dogs?

In the past I didn’t care about people having dogs or at least these kind of thoughts never came up in my mind and I think one reason is that mostly I just see a dog outside with a human being. You usually don’t see someone walking with his or her cat outside. So if the question comes up in my mind I just think:

  • They probably feel alone
  • They need to go out so that the dog can pee or poop
  • Please take care of the poop and throw it away
  • They maybe have childs and that was the first reason at all they got a dog
  • A dog is someone you can talk to and never will say “no” or disagree with you so it’s an easy going creature to live with
  • It makes them happy
  • You need to spend time to take care of the dog, it’s like a child
  • I remember a question someone asked me when we talked about the topic about vegeterians, vegans, plant-based diets, eat no meat, etc. This person asked me “Do you have a pet and do I eat meat?“. The first part at this time I answered with “No”. The response was that if I would have a pet, why do I eat meat?
  • The human desire to have responsibility and control and the need to feel like something is dependent on us
  • You get a dog because you want a dog