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#137: Wash Your Hands!

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Hand washing is the second best way to prevent getting an infection, the first best way is if you get a vaccine — if one is available. - Dr. Dan McGee

While traveling and being at different airports to flight from one place to another I used some time to observe people at these places. A lot of people wear masks and I observed some of them putting their mask off and on again, touching their face near the mouth to be able to drink and eat. The thought came up:

How effective is a mask, if you still touch your face while eating and drinking?

Also I thought:

Do they know when to use a mask?

Next I observed that temperature measurement checks were made while leaving and entering airports, which is good.

I observed also that you see almost everywhere hand sanitizers at check-in counters, food places, point of sales, etc., which is a good thing, but still the best way to prevent the spread of the outbreak while waiting for a vaccine is:

Washing your hands with soap and water. - THIS, NOT HAND SANITIZER, WILL SAVE US FROM THE COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS

So I was shocked that before leaving restrooms and washing my hands with soap and water some people just leave the restrooms

Without washing their hands

So as long as traveling is still allowed and to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus via airports, there should be one person at every restroom to check that people wash their hands before leaving the restroom and these people should only be allowed to leave the restroom if they wash their hands with soap and water.