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#156: Philippines Drug War

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When I started this blog and someone told me I would write something about this topic, I wouldn’t believe it. But here we are. I watched recently two documentaries regarding the drug war in the Philippines:

Duterte’s Drug War (full film) | FRONTLINE

The Nightcrawlers – Full Documentary | National Geographic

Some thoughts about it are still in my head. These are:

  • There must be a better solution instead of doing this “Drug War”
  • So the “Vigilantes” who kill the drug users are drug users themselves…
  • The world is crazy
  • “Hitler massacred three million Jews … there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least, if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have …,” he said, pausing and pointing to himself (Duterte)… This makes no sense to me at all. How crazy is comparison?
  • Money rules the world