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#159: Thank You

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At first I wanted this to be a Spread The Word Post to spread the word about Tesla and Elon Musk regarding this action he tweeted on March 31 to help out with ventilators:

But then I thought I will call this post just “Thank You” and this goes out to everyone who tries to do something good in these times, especially those still showing up for work:

It’s not just everyone working in health care, though they’re certainly the front line, but a bevy of others keeping our society functioning. It’s the doormen and delivery guys, the Uber and taxi drivers, the cops and the MTA workers, grocery and pharmacy staff. With the rest of us tucked into our homes, these folks are taking the risk daily to keep our fridges and pantries stocked, ensure that those who need medications have them — and that travel remains possible, the lights stay on, etc. - A ‘thank you’ to those still showing up for work during coronavirus pandemic | New York Post

Even if you just stay at home and do social distancing to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Thank You