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#167: Quote #4

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Read Quotes #1, Quotes #2 and Quote #1 to understand why I’m posting a quote once every week.

This is called survivorship bias. We only look at the winners, the victories, the good times, the good feelings, and all the best memories from the past. We completely ignore all the losers, the losses, the stress, the pain, the failures, and all the bad memories from the past. This is why we always say things like “Songs were so good back in the day” or “They don’t make movies like that anymore” or “childhood was the best time of my life”, we completely forget the fact that even back in the day, there were shitty songs, shitty movies, and shitty times of our lives. Our brain is never happy with what it has in the present, it always hopes and dreams of a perfect future, while nostalgically remembering only the best times of the past. Your brain is always trying to trick you into feeling good so you get the little dopamine kick, which is the pleasure chemical of the brain. Stop living in the past and future, they don’t exist, the only thing that exists is the present, enjoy the present, savor it, and be grateful for what you have, and try to be kind to others. - Comment on The Feeling “That Life Will Never Be As Good As It Once Was”