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#183: Modern Artist With The Soul Of A Renaissance Artist

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Remarkable. This is where hard work for a composer pays off; it’s not always about the money, the fame or even the effort one puts in it. When your inventions get performed by a world-renowned orchestra, you know you have achieved greatness. In the old days where masterpieces were written with pen, paper and more erasers one could dream of, composers used to think in terms of particular instruments or groups of the same you see here. They were limited because of the number of instruments developed at that time and especially the missing of electricity and soundboards we nowadays so easily have access to. Perhaps there were a few who were far ahead than others like Liszt, Mendelsohn, Schumann, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven or Haendl but despite their best efforts to think ahead, THIS is what they had to work with unfortunately. Maestro, you are one of the greats of the young generation, I applaud your dilligence and professionalism and may your Music evolve further than where Wolfgang left off. Don’t die, OK? This soundbyte seems to be the 2nd part or perhaps prelude into the allegro but my oh my do I want to hear more. Bravo! Bis Bis :) - BTone Major

The artist in the title and the composer which is meant in the quote above is Apache. I listened to some music from him before through Trap Nation but didn’t listened to further songs of him. The recent days I spent some time to listen to some more music of him and I’m amazed about the mix of different styles. It’s really unique. It’s kind of some music from the future. I can’t compare the music to another living artist. Some of his songs:

Apashe - Good news

Apashe & High Klassified - I’m Fine (ft. Cherry Lena)

Apashe - Distance (feat. Geoffroy)

Majesty feat. Wasiu