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#184: One Day Water Fast

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Fasting has become an important part of my life. Read #23: Intermittent Fasting and #24: Three Day Water Fast for previous posts about that topic.

This post is about a one day water fast. Which means after eating the last meal I won’t consume anything else besides water for at least 24h (more details about water fasting here). I choose the breakfast for my last meal which you can find here: #101: Morning Smoothie And Supplements (I replaced the milk with water recently, so that the smoothie includes 500ml water).

Also I do it usually on Sundays, because this day just fits. I also do not force myself to do it every Sunday, I make exceptions. But if I do it I always realize that I have more time for other things, the day feels longer. Also I feel the inner conflicts during the times I usually eat, lunch at around noon and my last meal at around 5pm, but if I do it, then I really appreciate the food on the next day and it reminds me to be grateful for just having food. I remember the first time I did it, it was really hard, but after that, you know how it feels and you feel strong afterwards, also it’s mentally a positive thing in my opinion.

I’m right now thinking about trying to do a “seven meals every week, just x”, where x would be in my case “lunch”. Jack Dorsey does it currently with “dinner”. This would mean I would do a 24h water fast every day. Let’s see.