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#23: Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting is the process of cycling in and out of periods of eating and not eating. Although people do experience weight loss with intermittent fasting, it is less of a diet plan and more of a lifestyle choice to reap some incredible health benefits. - THE INTERMITTENT FASTING GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS

Since reading The Complete Guide To Short & Long Term Fasting I’ve been trying to keep eating time restricted in a 9h (8am - 5pm) window. The first thoughts were that it must be really hard to only eat during that time window, but like with most of the things you can just make it a habit after some time.

The positive effects I’ve experienced:

  • I don’t need to look at calories. I just eat what I want during that timeframe
  • Energy and strength increased
  • Less stress in the evening because I don’t need to think about what to eat or if I should eat something