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#233: Out Of Routine

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The last daily post was around one month ago and before that I struggled to get back to a streak of daily blogging. When I started this blog I was full of motivation to post every day, but I realized that there are times I just don’t have the feeling to post and right now this seems to be a longer time frame. I have the feeling that I just want to go out and do something outside, not sitting (or standing) in front of a display and typing stuff on the keyboard. Maybe it’s because right now is summer time in the country I live in. I’m thinking about a different concept for this blog, maybe posting once a week or just when I feel like. Let’s see. Another point I want to make is that in general I’m out of my routines, not completely, but so much that I’m kind of missing the stability, the routines. This brings me back to having a balance in life no matter which area. For example too much sports is not good, your body needs time to rest. Too much reading is not good, because if you only read, you just do less action and so on… So if you’re in this situation to find your balance, I think the first step is that you realize you’re not satisfied with the situation and that you know you can go back to a state where you are satisfied, that you alone can do something about it. Also I think this is a never ending process and to accept that you sometimes are not on the right path is part of life.