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#237: Recovery Week And 3 Day (72h) Water Fast

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As the title says this post is about the combination of doing a recovery week and doing a 3 day water fast at the end of this week. The recovery week is a routine which I do more than once a year, to be more precise I do it every 2 1/2 months for 1 week. just to let my body recover and to remember myself how grateful I can be to be able to do sports. Because the last 3 day water fast was around 1 year and 2 months ago, I thought during my current recovery week that right now seems to be a good time to do another one. The reason why I do it has nothing to do with losing weight, it’s just to let my body also recover and remove toxins which it can’t remove because the digestive system has no rest day at all usually. Another reason is that also it reminds me like the recovery week that I can be really grateful to have something, in that case food every day and to stay disciplined. Also that I decide for myself and not any external source.

I remember the last time when I did the 3 day water fast the first time, I was kind of nervous and had many thoughts about it if I can do it or not. Since I have already experience, I’m not afraid anymore and this time the start feels kind of easy. What I will focus on this time is that after the 3 day water fast is over I will take care of how much and what I will eat at the beginning, because the last time I just started directly continue eating stuff like before the fast and I remember that especially I had stomach ache and it was too much I ate. Also this time it feels easier to do it because here in germany the current social coronavirus rules support me to stay at home and don’t let me think about it that I miss a special event or any birthday party on the weekend, cause there is nothing going on.

So lets see what I will write down about day 1 of my second experience of doing a 3 day water fast tomorrow.