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#239: 3 Day (72h) Water Fast | Day 2

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This is the recap of the second day of my 3 day water fast. The morning felt kind of easy and my sleep was deep. I realized that I hear my heartbeat easily when I had my noise canceling headphones on. This time also time feels like it’s slower, but it makes sense since I don’t have to think about eating, so I can focus more on other stuff. Also I was buying food at the supermarket and I realized that this time it was so much easier to be confronted with food directly compared to the last time. I also did not use chewing gums to have some taste in my mouth compared to the last time. In the evening I realized that the desire to eat something was kind of high, I though about some junkfood like chips, or ice cream, there was even the thought to cancel the 3 day water fast and just spontaneously buy some chips, but I stayed disciplined. Two times I felt a little bit dizzy after standing up too fast.