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#243: My Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Cleanse Experience

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As I mentioned in #242: Tips For A Better Life 2020 I started doing the 3-6-9 liver rescue cleanse developed by Anthony William. In this post I’m just writing down my experiences of the 9 days. If you want to know what it is, there are enough posts already about it, so I’m not writing about this. See for example here or here.

Day 1

  • The first day was easy, I did the morning cleanse (lemon water after waking up then after 30 minutes the celery juice) then some apples until lunch
  • I ate some steamed food cauliflower, potatoes and carrots
  • Afterwards some apple (I realized that I started liking apples as snacks)
  • In the evening some fried patties (mixed potatoes, zucchini and carrots)
  • In my notes I wrote down that the beginning felt easy because I did already a 3 day water fast this year and eating something to nothing felt really easy

Day 2

  • Did the morning cleanse
  • Ate the rest of the steamed food I had on day 1 for lunch
  • Realized that I like dates as snack in between
  • In the evening ate also the same as the day before
  • Realized I my digestion was better than before the start of the cleanse

Day 3

  • Did the morning cleanse
  • Wanted to eat something different for lunch than then days before, so I made some steamed zucchini with cauliflower as a “rice alternative”. I liked cauliflower as “rice alternative”. Will try to keep this instead of normal rice
  • Made some broccoli with “cheese” creme. The cheese creme consists of potatoes, carrots and some spices, so that it only looks like a cheese creme, but isn’t a real one. I liked it, but I did too much

Day 4

  • My digestion in general felt better
  • Did the morning cleanse
  • Felt in general really good
  • Bought some dragon fruit for the liver heal smoothie. Love this smoothie
  • I realized that I don’t need fat or salt to have a satisfied feeling after eating and food can taste good without it

Day 5

  • Kind of the same as Day 4, but I wrote down in my notes that I “feel really good, I’m full of energy” could be also because I did another recovery week during this time which means no sports at all
  • My sleep was very deep that day

Day 6

  • Felt kind of pissed this day because I couldn’t just eat what I want. Something with taste, but I resisted because I was already half way through it besides that ate what I was allowed to that day

Day 7

  • This day I ate the cold spinach soup and I was first looking forward to it because I expected to eat it warm but then from the book I should eat it not heated. So it was kind of disappointed first but the cold one was also fine in the end and easy to prepare. Just putting the ingredients like spinach and tomato inside a mixer like a preparing a smoothie
  • Also I didn’t think of the second celery juice that day and it was also unexpected, but ok in the end
  • Was looking forward to the steamed potatoes in the evening cause I’m not a big fan of brussels sprout which I needed to eat the days before
  • Realized my skin in the face was getting cleaner same as in the three day water fast journey

Day 8

  • Sleep was good
  • Bought fruits and stuff for the last two days in the morning, because the last day will be kind of a juice only day
  • the second cold spinach soup after the day before but I’m not a big fan of it
  • was looking forward to the asparagus in the evening with the liver rescue salad

Day 9

  • Was looking forward to this last day and also to the juices (watermelon, honey melon, apple with cucumber) also pear puree and papaya puree
  • The two celery juices were kind of too much that day and only the juices was also not the best experience as I was expecting first
  • I’m not the biggest fan of the papaya puree
  • But I liked the pear puree and ate three of them (9 pears in total) this day
  • Until this day I didn’t experienced some kind of spiritual moment which was described in the book, but I realized in the evening of day 9 when I took a hot bath out of nothing some thoughts about my childhood popped up in mind and they where so real that in the end the closest which brought me to a spiritual experience was that
  • Also on that day my stomach was not feeling well and I can’t remember when the last time was which I needed to go to the toilet that often.

General Notes

  • My digestion through the 9 days felt awesome except day 9
  • My general feeling was really good
  • Do it when you have time. For me I had 9 days no plans, no travels, etc. thanks to corona
  • Water fasting is definitely more difficult
  • I realized I don’t need salt at all and radical fats
  • I will do it definitely again. Probably in the three months before the next birthday which can be divided by 3, because then it should be most effected
  • I realized that steamed food is really fast to cook, will do that more often
  • Maybe I expected too much, but I also think that because I was already eating kind of healthy before in combination with fasting experiences helped me a lot
  • I would definitely recommend it to try it out if you haven’t already
  • Also I recommend you to read the books Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal or Medical Medium Liver Rescue first and then have them by your side when you do the 9 days, because you have to look every day what the plan is and what to eat
  • Also try to buy ingredients, fruits, etc. before to have less stress