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#247: All In Cardano

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First of all this post is my personal opinion and not a financial advice! Never invest in cryptos more than you can afford to lose and always try to keep them in your own wallet instead of a trading exchange.

In my last post #246: Cryptocurrencies 2021 I wrote that the majority of my investments in Crypto are distributed to

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA)

After I wrote that post I thought more and more about to convert BTC and ETH to ADA for the reasons I already mentioned last time:

I like the steady progress over the years until today, the community is more engaged and the overall vibe seems to be healthy and not toxic, money is no motivator, the support of africa, Staking is just simple, Companies moving from Ethereum to Cardano and it’s more eco-friendly than Bitcoin or even Ethereum.

The only reasons I did hold BTC and ETH were because I believed that they are a store of value and because of the first mover advantages the value will just increase and increase.

But if I’m really honest to myself

I don’t care about money anymore. I don’t see it as motivator in my actions anymore. Try to apply that mindset for a longer time and amazing things can happen that you never thought of before. You will listen more and more to your own feelings. Some call it ‘Follow Your Gut’. You don’t let your decisions be influenced by external dependencies anymore.

It wasn’t easy to apply that mindset (and still it’s something I have to remind myself from time to time), because when you grow up and everyone tells you that you can only have a good life when you have money, then you start beliving it. It’s like your parents tell you that santa clause is responsible for bringing you the christmas gifts, you believe it until you find out that santa clause doesn’t exist…

To be honest one of the reasons I started getting interested first in the crypto space was to make money, but when you realize after some time that the money you put into that space increases to an amount where it’s not a game anymore for yourself and you realize you can influence peoples life in a positive way, then you think about the whole topic more seriously. And also only longterm. So I decided that for me the right move to make is to convert all other Cryptocurrencies I had to Cardano (ADA). With that, I don’t want to say that Bitcoin and Ethereum are bad, but in my opinion Cardano is just better. So when you have the choice and in your opinion something is the better choice

you should just decide to make the better choice.

Some would call it

All In Cardano

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