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#27: Focusing Illusion

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Nothing In Life Is As Important As You Think It Is, While You Are Thinking About It - Daniel Kahneman

Do you have a lot of thoughts about upcoming events or you are thinking about an event which happened last week ago. Remind yourself that only because you’re thinking about something it’s the fact that you think about it that makes it important. This is called focusing illusion.

There are numerous instances when focusing illusion might present itself. Thinking that more money can make you happier, and thus making more money is essential? Well, to some degree. Thinking that buying a bigger house or a new car will make your life better? Feeling excited about a new shiny device, believing that new features are the utmost importance for you? Thinking that living in a better climate will make you happier? If you pause for a second and think about it, you can doubt whether anything that you feel is important, is actually important. Try to remember all of the things that you felt were a big deal. Were they? - Ilja Mašarov

Try to ask yourself the next time you think too much about something or something feels like a crazy big deal to you

Am I making this important to me by thinking about it?