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#36: Standing Sitting

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I started alternating between standing and sitting around half a year ago. I started first because I wanted to see how it affects my productivity and also as a health benefit. There are enough posts about

Why sitting is bad for you

Reasons are:

  • damages the heart
  • may harm your brain
  • increases risk of death
  • gain weight
  • etc.

First I tried using a standing desk as long as I could because I thought the longer I stand the better, but after more research alternating between sitting and standing is now the way to go for me.

Early research suggests you should only spend 1 hour standing for every 1–2 hours sitting.

For me what works right now is to alternate between sitting and standing every 2-3h when at a desk. It’s even so important to me that I’ve put it on my Dos List. Benefits and tips I personally experienced:

  • Fatigue decreased a lot compared to sitting only
  • Using an Anti-Fatigue Mat helps a lot while standing
  • Using an Adjustable Standing Desk saves time and space
  • Focus Time while standing is much higher compared to the time while sitting
  • Being more aware of my standing posture
  • Better sleep

A good easy start is also to just take breaks after a specific time to stand up and go for a walk or get a glass of water.