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#40: Vacation

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The trip doesn’t exist that can set you beyond the reach of cravings, fits of temper, or fears … so long as you carry the sources of your troubles about with you, those troubles will continue to harass and plague you wherever you wander on land or on sea. Does it surprise you that running away doesn’t do you any good? The things you’re running away from are with you all the time.” ― Seneca, Letters from a Stoic

You probably heard people saying

I need vacation. I need to travel somewhere. I need to move to another place to feel better…

The quote at the beginning from Seneca, one of the Stoic teachers reminds me that to enjoy a vacation, traveling somewhere or moving to another place, it’s important to accept that life isn’t easy and if something goes wrong, try to stay positive. In every bad thing there is something good. Self-Compassion might also be helpful. Enjoy your vacation.