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#43: Power Naps

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Ever felt tired in the mid of the day and you have no motivation to go outside for walk to reset your mind, get fresh air and new motivation? And you also don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. If I feel like that I always keep in mind that I have the the option to take a power nap.

The length of the nap and the type of sleep you get help determine the brain-boosting benefits.

From my experience the

20-minute power nap

works the best for me. It’s the best natural alternative to a walk outside to reset, refresh the mind, get some new energy and motivation for the rest of the day. I tried longer naps, but the probability that I continue to sleep was so high that I stopped doing that. After that I had the feeling that I felt more tired than before and trying to sleep in the evening was harder. I can also agree with the advice from the book Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams to take

no naps after 3pm

Taking naps after that time made it also difficult to sleep in the evening. Of course that depends on the time of your waking hours and which time you go to bed in the evening. It sounds easy right now for me when I write about this but it was not easy to figure out what length of nap fits to me. So just experiment until you find out what works for you best if you haven’t yet.