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#63: From Github Pages to Netlify

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As mentioned in the post Experiment I did set up this blog via Gatsby.js and GitHub Pages. At that time I didn’t know about Netlify and I just started setting up the site successfully with Github Pages using this article and thought

well, just go with this setup now and no need to research for other options

Now after more than 60 days of daily blogging I realized there are things which could go faster and easier. My flow to publish a new post was like that:

  1. Create the post locally
  2. Publish the post via running a script to the live site
  3. Commit and push the post afterwards to a separate branch, since the deployed branch from the script of step 2 was a different one like described in the article here

Besides the flow I had to make my Github repository public if I wanted to use it in combination with Github Pages for free. Also Netlify builds faster. So I wanted to test how the experience with Netlify is. That’s why I just moved the site few days ago to it. There are already enough articles about how and why users move their site from GitHub pages to Netlify like here, here, here or here, so I will just write down the points I’ve experienced so far:

  • The migration was almost smooth except that I had problems with the domain configuration while using the default migration flow, so I just delegated the domain to Netlify like described here and this fixed it after some minutes
  • With Netlify I didn’t need to have a public repository on Github, so now it’s private
  • The flow to publish a post now is just to create the post locally, commit and push it to a branch and from there Netlify will automatically trigger a deployment for the changes (This would also be probably possible with Github Pages)

Let’s see what other experiences I get over time. There is also a comparison post about what you can expect when deploying the site with Netlify compared to Github Pages.