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#78: ShaktiMat

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Since around two weeks ago I started using the ShakitMat by a recommendation from a friend and just giving it a try without any expectations. In short it’s just your own personal massage therapist like stated in their homepage:

YOUR OWN PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST - Acupressure is a 3000 year old technology, based on the ‘bed-of-nails’ from India. It stimulates pressure points in the body to encourage natural healing. Today, the ShaktiMat provides millions worldwide with relief from backpain, muscle tension, sleep problems and stress. Just 20 minutes laying on a ShaktiMat’s 6000 points produces endorphins, leaving the body feeling deeply relaxed. Self-help at home, whenever you want, and all for the price of a massage. - ShaktiMat Homepage

Shakti Mat Original - Orange

So far I can confirm the deeply relaxed feeling of the body and I just use it in combination in my evening routine while doing Meditation and focusing on the Breath.