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#98: A Reason To Start Daily Blogging

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Now after 98 days of daily blogging I came across an advantage of having these posts available as shareable links. When I talk to friends or any people about a topic which interests me and they tell me I should send them some links about it, I just use the links from the daily blog posts. For example when I talk about growing my own broccoli sprouts I just send them the links of

or taking could showers, I just send them the link of #72: Wim Hof Method with Cold Showers. Or about the ShaktiMat, I just send them the link of #78: ShaktiMat. This saves time for me since I don’t need to search for specific links over the internet and I can just send them these as starting point about a topic.

So a reason to start a daily blog is to share easily your experiences about a topic.