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Consume To Create (or Consume less, Create more)

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The end of the year 2021 is near and I think it’s just time to write down what I’m about to write down in this post. Especially in the last two years since COVID-19 I’ve spent more time thinking about the topic consumption in general and also what I can create in this world which inspires someone or which brings something good, because

Why wouldn’t you try to make the future better if you’re going to be a part of it

While I’m writing this, I listen to the gondola house mix by Chris Luno and it’s already a fitting example for this post. I consume (nice chilled music) to create (this blog post).

I’ve set a reminder for myself to write another post about Tips For A Better Life, but I don’t feel like writing an updated list for this because

Consume To Create

is already the PRO tip for myself this year 2021 and I will give this tip away to you the reader right now.

I’ve also read a lot of books this year, 37 to be precise. The reflection of the last 5 months says I spent around 121 hours only reading… (2022 I plan to read 0 books. You can read on if you want to know why)

For the next year I want to do something differently regarding creating things, posts, music, websites, apps, startups, experiences. Most of the time I have in mind that what I’m doing at that moment is related to consumption or creation and when I have the “feeling” that I consumed more in the latest timeframe I try to create more, but this happens by just “feeling”. There is nothing wrong with that, but I just want to experiment and try to see if I can make creation more a habit than just deciding by feeeling that I should create more. That means I just want to consume less or just consume things to create. Sure there should also be exceptions and I don’t want to force myself only into one extreme, you should enjoy every moment you have cause there is nothing else, there is always this moment, this moment you’re reading this post. You should just enjoy every moment you have (another pro tip).

What will definitely change in the next year for me, is that I create more music, especially mixes (here the playlist of all mixes so far. Already started with the habit). I will make a weekly habit out of it. Also here I will combine consumption with creation. That means new music which I will find out about thanks to spotifys weekly discover playlist or at events or from someone else randomly or from some cool nice tools I will add to a private playlist which I will use to create at least a new 1h set every week.

Another habit which I want to develop is to create one new startup every month. A friend of mine and me created already an introduction post about this challenge.

What I will drop is the habit of reading for the next year at least. I love reading and I know without reading I wouldn’t be where I’m right now, but it’s also a habit where you consume mostly. So I will save that time for the 24 startups in 24 months challenge to create startups. Also a tip from the book MAKE.

I’ve also subscribed this year different times for a netflix subscription or amazon prime video, because there were shows like Arcane (which is so far one of the best shows I’ve watched in my entire life when you consider the combination of animation and story) or Nine Perfect Strangers. I won’t take any subscriptions for next year just to focus on creation. Also in general I only will make an exception to watch something for entertainment if it’s with someone, but not alone.

What I also found interesting was regarding food consumption is that we just need less. Just watch someone who can supply himself with enough food for four months (in german) or Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY!.

less is more…

Another thing I want to share regarding this topic is this video. It’s mindblowing:


Everywhere someone tries to sell you some happiness. You need to have everything, because everything seems to make you happy. But if you only try to get everything you will be mostly on the side of people who are consuming more than creating. If you are happy with that, fine. But if you aren’t happy you should think about what you could change. Cause without changing something, you will remain in the same situation.

I can also recommend to read “Create More, Consume Less”.

Hope this post could motivate you to consume to create or consume less and create more ;)