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Startup #9 - 24 Startups in 24 Months

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Here is the startup #9 summary of the 24 Startups in 24 Months challenge:

This time it’s super simple. I could have build a fully-full stack website, but I just wanted to try something different with simple tools (in this case a Google Form + PayPal Donation). So this is why I could release startup #9 only few days after startup #8 and it goes like this:

You submit via this form an idea which will have the chance to be selected as the one Idea I will next build as a website in a month and you’ll receive half of any future revenue. This Startup will be eternalized on the 24 Startups in 24 Months page. Describe your idea as detailed as possible via the “Idea Description” input and submit $5 via a PayPal donation. Don’t forget to put the same Email in the PayPal note section as you entered in the “Email” input so I can verify your submit. I will announce the winner with idea on my Twitter @ronatory on January 1st 2023 8PM (GMT+1) and message you via the Email you provided in the form. If I don’t get a response in 24h after I contacted you, I will choose one of the other ideas.

A detailed blogpost about it can be found

Please support it also via Product Hunt here

If you want to be part of that journey then just use following links to get the latest updates also: