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#164: Journaling

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Being a journalist of your own life will force you to stop hyper-focusing on all the minor details and see the bigger picture. - Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Exactly one year ago on April 7th 2019 I wrote my first 5 Minute Journal Entry. It just started with a recommendation from a friend when he told me about Chapter 6 of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less that it includes informations about journaling. Also he gave me this template here via a link:

5 Minute Journal Template

5 Minute Journal Template | Business Insider

The template shows questions from the 5 Minute Journal. So in short, with the answers to these questions you can easily remember the day by using them as anchor points.

I think it doesn’t matter which type of journaling someone does, just find one which works for you and then make a review of the last three months you wrote down to reflect again, maybe also at the end of the year. The reasons why I’m so fascinated about continuously journaling is that it shows me how much I experienced and learned in a specific amount of time. Also which incredible people I met during this, which amazing places I saw. Also not to forget the things I could have done better during that time to remind myself how I would handle these situations next time. Also that life is just a never ending learning story, and the feeling to be aware of this is just awesome.