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#235: Live In The Moment

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I remember years ago a pitch from a company where the slogan was

Live In The Moment

and in the end the product was about a marketplace where users could upload photos of camera equipment for renting and other users who just wanted to rent camera equipment. I thought

How is this related to “Live In The Moment”?

It has nothing to do with “Live In The Moment” in my opinion, but I always have to think about this pitch when I think about “Live In The Moment”. Still this year is a special year, but it made me think about “living the moment” more again. So what is “Live In The Moment” for me? It’s:

  • Don’t think about the past and don’t think about the future
  • Don’t look through the eyes of a physical device e.g. smartphone camera to record a live event or to take a picture of an awesome landscape, instead try to just experience the event/landscape with all your senses. No matter how good the quality of the video/photo is, it will never replace what you’ve experienced with your senses in that moment and if it’s like that we’re probably living in a simulation 😃
  • Don’t have your phone with you when you have a real conversation face to face
  • Just be present with all your senses

Ok, if you don’t think about the future, what about doing all the things to achieve all the goals you have in life e.g. getting that expensive car you always wanted, getting that promotion you always wanted, etc. Also what about the failures of the past, you learned from to not do them again? Goals and experiences from the past will become kind of secondary and then I ask myself is it really that important to have all these goals you want to achieve in the future or have these helpful lessons from the past to don’t make a failure again if you just enjoy the moment you’re in and you live your life to the fullest?