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#236: Thoughts On The Apple September Event 2020

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As the last Apple Event this year I watched only a 12 minute summary of this years Apple September event

Apple September 2020 event in 12 minutes

I just want list the thoughts I had after watching it:

  • The future is like tracking everything so that your body is always at an optimum level
  • It seems to be that there is a Watch Face for every situation
  • The Apple Watch still doesn’t excite me. When I think about the watch, I have to think about like being chained to something
  • When they started talking about the “Family Setup” I thought about the Black Mirror Episode “Arkangel”
  • Why should I have to pay for Fitness+ if I can get free exercise inspiration via Youtube
  • Apple One seems to be interesting for your family, if you want to spend all the time interacting with your devices (iPhone, Watch, TV)
  • Introduction of the iPad 8th generation and new iPad Air. My first thought was “I’m looking forward to the reMarkable 2 to take notes”
  • iOS 14 ships one day after the event -> ”Why is Apple acting like an Asshole