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#49: Stairs

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Ever faced with the choice to take the stairs or the elevator?

Maybe you don’t care and just use the elevator always because it’s comfortable, easy, you save time and energy. Regarding time think about it if the elevator isn’t already at your floor and you need to press the button and wait until it arrives. Or just think about using cars in the cities compared to using a bicycle. The waiting time of the elevator could be the time you are searching for a parking lot or getting stuck in traffic.

Regarding comfortable and easy. Check out this video about making the bed everyday. I use it as reminder to take the stairs instead of the elevator just that I accomplished another task of the day which gives me more motivation in general.

Navy Seal Admiral Shares Reasons to Make Bed Everyday

Regarding energy. Just try to see it like that: Instead of thinking this will take energy from you just say that you do some additional exercise for free.