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Startup #8 - 24 Startups in 24 Months

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Here is the startup #8 summary of the 24 Startups in 24 Months challenge: lists all kind of SoundCloud Channels which offer services to boost someone as an artist. You can easily search and filter for your preferred services. Either you are searching for a premiere of your track, submitting a guest mix for a podcast, requesting a repost via a high quality channel or any other kind of service, you will find it all on for your specific music genre.

As a Channel which offers services you can start creating a free SoundChannel and list up to three services. To reach even more artists and listeners as a Channel, you can check out one of the paid plans with additional features on the Features & Pricing page.

I created because I realized while searching for new SoundCloud Channels to submit a DJ Guest Mix that many channels have Google Docs form links in their profiles or just link to their own websites for their services, but there was no easy way to search and filter for all kind of Channels & Services via one Website. So thats how was born.

A detailed blogpost about it can be found

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