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#240: 3 Day (72h) Water Fast | Day 3

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The last day of this years 3 day water fast journey started easy. I was more awake than usual, at least thats what I felt, could also be placebo. I was working mostly on a side project, which I just started at the beginning of the weekend, so I was mostly focused on that and since I didn’t have to think about food, it was easy to stay focus. The biggest challenge on that day was cooking a meal for the next day, but even that was easy, because I was just looking forward to eat it the next day and had no desire to eat it at this time. My thoughts were mostly about finishing that side project, where I created a blog using Next.js, but more on that another time. The page is called When I woke up this morning I felt really grateful that I’m able to eat something again, but before that I also started to train again, because the recovery week was also over. So the training started before I was able to eat again. The time to eat again should have been 9:43 AM to pass the 72h timeframe. Training consisted of working out with parallettes and going for a 10k run. The 10k was hard in the beginning, but the more I reached the end of the run the more I had this feeling of gratefulness, first to be able to train at all and second to be able to have food and eat again. When you have your routine and you have food every day, you take it kind for granted, also with being able to train. So the 3 day water fast journey in combination with the recovery week reminded me really to be grateful for what I have and can do.

And then after the 10k run was over it was time to eat again, actually around 1h later I started to eat than I was allowed to, just because I was a little bit late with my training session. I did my morning smoothie, but only 75% of the ingredients, so just a little bit less. I realized that the taste was different than I remembered, there was less taste. Also there was less taste in the food for lunch, maybe because I expected too much.

When I look back I think it was so easy this time, because I knew already what will happen, besides that it was a good choice for the time frame mid october and also not to forget I still do cold showers in the morning, still it feels like overcoming a big challenge before the day has even started. Will probably continue doing the next 3 day water fast in combination with a recovery week and also earliest in around 1year again in october.