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#241: 365 Days (1 Year) Of Cold Showers

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It feels kind of unreal that I started with cold showers around a year ago because this year still is a special year. And time never flew that fast than this year for me. I remember it like yesterday how I started with the cold showers. First I started doing the breathing exercises and also I started the showers warm and slowly turned the water to ice cold water and today I can say if I did something every day in the past year then it was taking a cold shower (I just stopped doing the breathing exercises to save time).

But why did I do it in the first place? The number one reason was and is still, because…

…I hate it to be sick, because if you are sick you can just not enjoy the time you have. You feel tired, you feel pain… It sucks…

That’s what I wanted to prevent. And I can tell you that I haven’t been sick the last year. I remember the first half of the year that there were moments when I felt I get a cold in the next days, but then after the next day of the feeling I had my energy directly back kind of. These moments also were moments were I didn’t care about my sleep or also I consciously drank alcohol because of some sort of celebration and also smoked cigarettes consciously. Maybe I did it to see how strong my body is, to push it to limits. But a really stupid way to try to push to the limits. So I can tell that no matter how good you treat your body and take care of your health if you do these stupid things its really challenging for the body to stay strong. So in the end throw the bad and just keep the good.

Also it’s still every day challenging to do the cold shower, but also this is for me on the same level as to not getting sick again. Because if I successfully do this big challenge in the morning everything afterwards at the same day feels simple and easy. Even if someone has a bad day and tries to give something of the negative vibe, I just remind myself that I did the hardest challenge (the cold shower) already in the morning, so when I think about that, I just smile :)

Still there are stressful days, but it’s easier to handle them than ever before.

So why do I write the fourth time (first, second, third) about it? (And probably not the last time)

Definitely not because I want to sell you something, I don’t get any money from writing this, I just do the writing because I enjoy it and want to share what works (or what doesn’t work) for me. That doesn’t mean it will definitely work for you, but you can try out what works already for others (in my case thanks to Wim Hof). Sharing my experiences this way is at least one thing in my life where I can say that

money is not a motivator behind it

Also the coolest thing about it, almost everyone has the opportunity to do cold showers and to try it out by themselves. Also like with almost everything in life the real benefits are not coming after few tries, you have to do it constantly for a longer period. An often mentioned example is going to the gym to get stronger. You don’t see big results after few weeks, it can take years… so be patient. Also I have to be honest that I can’t tell that the only reason why I wasn’t sick this year were the cold showers. I tried a lot of other things, still trying things out (NAD Booster, Supplements, Sleep, Diets, Sports, Fasting, etc. but these posts are outdated…). It’s a combination of all of these things I guess. I want to write about it in more detail in a future post.

It feels this was kind of a year challenge, but I will continue the cold showers as long as it feels good. When I think about a next year challenge then it’s to make my own experiences about some medical medium diets and how they effect my health. More on that in another post.